Our brands

The brands on Wanderlust embrace our ethics and marry it perfectly.

We share the same values as the research and use of organic materials, certified with an approach to product durability. Some of them have opted for perfect agender collections for boys and girls who make an ethical choice today that will save the planet of tomorrow. Be inspired and revolutionize the world with us.


It is a small family-run brand for children and adults. The faces behind the brand are Katharina and David, photographer and fashion designer. Matona was born with the aim of producing sustainable and fair fashion for children. Elegant and modern clothes, but at the same time comfortable and timeless, using only natural and organic materials.


Liewood is a brand for children, created and designed to be used in everyday life.

With a design and style that can last over time and accompany the little ones in their growth.

Liewood was founded in Scandinavia in 2015, over the years it has become an international brand with showrooms and customers from all over Europe and the UK.


An international brand highly attentive to its social impact and responsible towards the environment. Their garments are characterized by exclusive designs, simple lines presented in a kaleidoscope of colors.


Founded in Liepaja, Latvian city near the Baltic Sea. Produces locally in a small manufacturing by happy and highly skilled workers. All the chosen materials are natural. 100% organic tissues, free of harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.


The inspiration of the Danish design tradition lies in the FRIGG pacifier, and the contemporary design rotation makes the pacifier relevant for every modern family with child. This makes FRIGG the perfect solution for today’s mothers who attach great importance to classic designs with modern twists when choosing children’s essentials.


Genderless, seasonless and made to last. This British independent brand is the winner of the "Drapers Den Sustainability 2021". Create jeans with the long leg in ultra soft denim 100% cotton, worn with the lapel and sliding down as our little ones grow!


Genderless, seasonless and made to last. This British independent brand is the winner of the "Drapers Den Sustainability 2021". Create jeans with the long leg in ultra soft denim 100% cotton, worn with the lapel and sliding down as our little ones grow!


Joey is a French brand of clothing and accessories for babies and children from 0 to 6 years. All our products are exclusive design pieces for our brand, offered in limited quantities. We pay particular attention to the fact that there are no harmful solvents or not recommended in your products.


Sciuscià was born from the desire to preserve the ancient traditions of which Italy has always been the guardian, uniting them to what is the feeling of the most modern generations. Our products are manufactured strictly following the processes handed down by generations of artisans, alongside the use of modern materials and cutting-edge recycling techniques.


Easy Peasy is the story of a meeting: that of Camille and Sébastien, whose streets crossed in 2008.

These two shoe lovers wanted to combine their ecological concerns and their love of design.

Easy Peasy was born from this wedding, a brand of baby shoes with a very soft design.


In the middle of the pandemic, a mother of two small children decided to give wings to her imagination and run after a dream.With her love for nature and for the little pleasures of life and The model of education very focused on the exploration of the outdoors gave birth to BOOTANI, a clothing brand for babies and children from 6 months to 6 years, with design, materials and production 100% Portuguese.


Babyboo Paris, is a brand born in France, small shoes designed to give a modern and elegant style to your babies and children. These are products that express a personality in the life of our children, practical products in which they can move easily and with style. It simplifies the life of mothers but not only that of our friends to give them ideas for birth gifts, birthdays, for all occasions with a guarantee of 100% smile!


Sevim is an activity of only Turkish women, artisans who spread the beauty of handmade. The stitches are 100% handmade or crocheted, with OEKO-TEX certified yarns. "SEVIM" in Turkish means to love, and this group of women has handed down this love from generation to generation for 60 years. Women who knit still as they once did have fair wages and excellent working conditions. They spread the magic of these handmade clothes even to their children like a family heirloom.


Christine is a 34 year old girl, married to Mike with an 8 year old daughter and a small child of 0, a dachshund named Joep and a deaf cat named Elvis.In 2016, the adventure of Chewies&more began for me. When Julia was younger, and Christine was looking for practical but also beautiful teething toys for the first time. Hard to find at the time. After much research, testing, testing, testing and construction, the first Chewies and Clips were born and so they went on! Today they are a group of 8 tough girls working on toys and accessories for our little ones!


Noble materials, fine embroidery, precious details, signed by a touch of color to embellish and customize your children’s clothes EVERY DAY! RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING... Catherine DUFOSSEZ was born into a family where fashion has been a passion for 5 generations! Her career has allowed her to enrich her textile experience working for 25 years for brands located in the north of France, where she still lives. Mother of 4 children, she is very attached to the universe of child fashion. Catherine brings her vision of fashion to the younger. reinterpreting new and delicate stories.


Konges Sløjd is a creative brand that embraces the varied and perfectly imperfect life with children. Their goal is to create thoughtful and quality-conscious designs using exclusive prints. All their jackets are soft and keep your little ones comfortable and safe in case of rain, sun, beautiful days. Everything is made to survive cuddly babies, adventurous little children or curious children and still be handed down, not only to siblings but to future generations.


Sticky Lemon è un'etichetta per bambini olandese, fondata nel 2016. . Eccentrico, colorato, audace e solare. Blocchi di colore combinati con motivi e illustrazioni. Sticky Lemon si diverte a sperimentare rinnovati abbinamenti cromatici e strizza l'occhio ai tempi retrò.Sticky Lemon vuole vedere questi bizzarri bambini avere i momenti più colorati e soleggiati!


THE NEW SOCIETY nasce in Spagna nel 2018 come progetto personale di Estefania Grandio, fondatrice e attuale direttore creativo di questo marchio dal forte senso estetico e con un'anima rivolta sempre alla sostenibilità.


Cream è un marchio olandese di occhiali per bambini.Occhiali da sole dai colori golosi da leccarsi le dita per gli occhi del futuro.Fatto da truegrass:60% di bottiglie di plastica riciclate30% di fibre d’erbaDal telaio perfettamente rotondo e classico. Si adatta praticamente a tutti. 


I ricordi più belli di Alice sono legati a quella copertina. Perchè si sa, una copertina può diventare la migliore amica di un bambino, calda e avvolgente, proprio come l'abbraccio di una mamma.


Nel 2018 Alice ha deciso di condividere il suo dolce mondo di bambina realizzando una linea di accessori eco-friendly dedicati al mondo dell'infanzia. Nannafrufrù è un mondo di dolci, calde, indimenticabili coccole. Per voi e per i vostri cuccioli.

Lil' Atelier

Fondato in Danimarca e radicato nell'estetica scandinava, Lil' Atelier è una combinazione di scelte di tessuti ben ponderate e bella maestria artigianale.
Un approccio alla moda attento alla qualità conferisce a ogni stile carattere e personalità. Le collezioni sono ispirate alla natura e presentano colori della terra bruciata e pastelli, con tutte le stampe disegnate a mano.
Le qualità consistono in materiali morbidi e naturali, come cotone biologico, lana, lino e cashmere.