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Who is behind Wanderlust?

We are a mother and daughter who believe in changing things. And we want to do this by bringing to Milan the concept of slow fashion and re-use in the field of children’s clothing.

In what way?

We help and pass on the right values to our customers in order to become aware consumers and improve the way they shop. Fun, useful and above all aware.

Floral print dress
The New SocietyFloral print dress
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What can not be missing in your child’s closet?

The basics are born from the need to follow your child during each phase of his growth. They are garments that last over time and that can be passed from one unborn child to the next regardless of the sex of the newborn.

sustainability s. f. [der. of sustainable].

"In the environmental and economic sciences, it is the condition of a development that can ensure the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own."


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"Every individual has the power to make the world a place best"

Sergio B.

Circular fashion is for everyone

What is circular fashion?

It involves the use of renewable energy, the recycling of materials in the different production cycles resulting in a significant reduction in waste.

Imagine a circle in which clothes and fabrics rotate incessantly, continuing to be useful.

The end result is to promote a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion model.


You can touch our garments with hand

Come and visit us in our store in Milan in Via Maiocchi 9. A corner of sustainability in the city of fashion, always ready to shape itself according to the latest trends.

Do you want to know our reality?

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