SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors
SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors
SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors
SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors


SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors

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SET 2 FRIGG Pacifiers - Different colors

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The FRGG® line of rubber pacifiers has been designed for the comfort of your baby. The shape of the pacifier on the outside allows sucking even for babies with sensitive skin. Two holes allow air to flow during suction. FRIGG® Pacifiers, available in a variety of soft colors, are a wonderful addition to your baby's collection.

FRIGG Daisy series latex pacifier has a pacifier part made of latex, soft and elastic.The pacifier has PP Plast shield, which is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

The shield is produced completely without waste production, so all excess material is recycled.It is a complete pacifier that is produced with a 360 degree attention to the environment.

Latex is a 100% natural material, and is also the favorite pacifier of most babies.

The latex pacifier should be changed after approx. 4-8 weeks of use, all depending on how much your baby uses the pacifier and how much force he has in sucking.

The round shape of the pacifier resembles the breast, and therefore is the most ideal shape for most babies.

Teat measurements : length 30 mm x width (narrow part) 10 mm.

Pacifier measures : diameter 45 mm

Product details:

  • Material: The pacifier is made of 100% rubber
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Care: Always sterilize each pacifier before use by washing it with hot water and allowing it to air dry.
  • For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to replace the pacifier after 3-4 months
  • Each Frigg pacifier is also tested with a stretch and vacuum test.
  • It also has an EN1400 + A2 test